"Life's too short to drink bad wines"
Johann Wolfgang von Goethe


Conte del Tellaro sparkling wine is the dream come true of one Sicilian entrepreneur which intention is to exalt renowned Sicilian grapes from this generous Mediterranean island with a unique innovative idea.

The typical land, constant summer breezes from the sea and the Sicilian sun all ensure quality for these grapes a very good quality and an authentic flavor. After grape harvesting, our grapes are worked in the refined process Martinotti-Charmat in autoclaves, of Conegliano Veneto (TV), so they are worked to become something unique and exceptional. The result of this careful work is the refined Sicilian sparkling and fizzy wines Conte del Tellaro, that combine fragrant Mediterranean spices and berries with light bubbling freshness. Our company is Ambassador of the best expressions of Sicilian land and messenger of extraordinary quality of the fruit that the territory offers.



The splendid grape varieties used for these Sicilian wines have special qualities and characteristics, which make them unmistakeable from the color and smell and the same time to give unique and exhilarating sensations on the palate.

Grillo is a grapevine mainly widespread in the Trapani territory which is used to make the best DOC wines. Grillo has a warm bright yellow colour that confers hints of Mediterranean herbs and spicy after tastes. It offers the palate a symphony of pleasantly balanced soft citrus notes and its intense scent is lingering and fruity. It also have a good acidity and a balanced softness. Excellent taste structure.

Syrah, elegant and aristocratic, has hints of red berries and a fine perlage. It makes a wine that brings together gentle fruity hints and graceful sensations. Syrah is considered one of the noble red grapes for the longevity and its wines fragrance too. It’s on the South of Italy, in the warmer climates that fully mature sparkling results. The grapevine Syrah offers a red wine to violaceous. To the nose fruity and floral. Discreetly alcoholic on the palate.



Our sparkling wines are produced using Martinotti-Charmat method where the fermentation takes place in the big hermetic autoclaves in still, the large containers that are covered by a glaze that protect them to the deterioration due to the release acids from the grapevine during the sparkling wine process. With this technique are enhanced features of the fruity aroma of the grape base reporting on the palate of those who taste the wine , the freshness and fruity taste that is characteristic of Italian sparkling wines . Martinotti-Charmat method is widely spread because suitable to make Italian sparkling wines, as Prosecchi, Moscati, Pinot and Chardonnay, using aromatic grapevines. Our Company then wanted to emphatsize Sicilian grapevine using this method that confers to our wine a unique peculiarity and a very unmistakable taste of Sicilian territory. In Italy the secular tradition of the sparkling wines come from Venetian region, so is for that why our Sicilian wine is refined in this territory, to preserve the originality of the method and for archieving the maximum expression of Made in Italy.